Leave baggage behind, enter the moment, and be extremely ready for anything.

The Most Advanced

Adventure Coat on Earth.

Apricoat is now on Indeigogo.

Pockets where you need them. Get to your headphones, water nozzle, GPS and more without stretching

Designed, built, and tested to withhold the harshest conditions.

Apricoat’s frame ensures everything evens out, and your back is safe.

A smart compartment for an easy access hydration pack.

IntuPocket™ Design


Light NextGen Insulation


Built in Emergency Life Saver


SafeAnchor™ is a potentially life saving emergency clip that can carry up to 400 lbs.

Flexi-durable Materials

The lastest in material technology. Always breathable but cozy, and super-warm when you need it to be.

Cutting Edge Technology In Every Stitch


Differential Weight Distribution

"Some sleeve-gloves would be nice right about now"

We’re a team of international explorers, banded together to make the ultimate adventure coat. 

On the map below you’ll see some of the places we’ve worn our Apricoat prototypes- and where we had the "aha" moments that led to the final Apricoat.

Hood pillow- a must out here

Tired of carrying water, we added a water pack to back

A close call made us appreciate our emergency hook.

The ONLY Coat Designed ON Mountains



Wind resistance must be strong.


Wellington - New Zealand

The pins on the map represent where we thought of some of our favorite features that define Apricoat's unique design.

Let's use light fabrics that breathe and fold.



5. GPS Locator

12. Blindfold

2. SafeAnchore Emergency Clip

8. Built-in Gloves

7. Phone pocket

10. Hydration Pack (2L)

3. Medical Record Pocket

All Your 'Must Haves', In Your Pockets.

9. Easy Access Pocket

13. Inflatable hood

1. Hiden pocket

6. Earbuds Output

11. First Aid kit

4. Solar Battery

One Coat, Many Climates, Years of Adventure.

The Thinnest & Lightest.

Soft, But Super Rugged.

Always Have a Backup Plan.

Spot GPS Locator

We’ve partnered with Spot to offer you a GPS tracker for an unheard of price. And it fits right in the super-accessible pocket we made for it. 

We combined 3 layers to create the warmth and snug fit of a bulky jacket that makes you want to keep it on, but a fraction of the weight and space, with cuts that enable full movement.

And it's only a few millimeters thick and weighs less than 800g / 1.7 lbs. Folds up into a small square.

Apricoat's high-tech fabrics block wind so you stay warm, but also keep humidity out for a nice airy feel.

10000MM waterproof

ClimateShell outer-layer made for a wide range of climates.

Apricot is now on Indiegogo

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